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Cautions for fertilization of water soluble fertilizers

1.A small amount of multiple application
A small amount of multiple application is the most important fertilization principle of water-soluble fertilizer, which is consistent with the characteristics of uninterrupted absorption of nutrients by plant roots, and reduces the leaching loss caused by one-time large-scale fertilization.

2. Dilute it when it will be used
Fertilizers must be used it right after it is ready,especially in the case of poor water quality.

3. Proper fertilization time
Fertilization should be selected before ten o’clock in the morning and after four o’clock in the afternoon on sunny day,and avoid fertilization under strong sunlight.Avoid fertilization on rain day.

4. Drip clean water first before fertilization
After the pipeline is filled with water, start fertilizing. After the fertilization is completed, drip clean water for 20 to 30 minutes to expel all the residual fertilizer liquid in the pipeline.

5. The miscibility test should be done before formulating with pesticides and fertilizer.
When formulating with pesticides for root irrigation or foliar spraying, avoid mixing acidic fertilizers with alkaline pesticides and alkaline fertilizers with acidic pesticides; at the same time, please pay attention to whether there is flocculation during mixing. If flocculation occurs, mixed use is prohibited.

We have a fertilizer you don’t have to pay attention to the flocculation part.It is Anti-hard water,deflocculation.
That is Potassium Fulvate,Other Names:Potassium Fulvic Humate,Mineral Fulvic Acid.

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