New-Nutri Sodium Humate

--- Water Soluble Humic Acid
Sodium Humate for *Aquaculture *Feeding additive *Industry
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Sodium Humate Powder
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Sodium Humate for Aquaculture

  • Improve the survival rate of fish, shrimp and crab seedlings.
  • Prevent and treat aquaculture diseases.
  • Improve the feed utilization rate of aquaculture.
  • Promote the growth of fish, shrimp, crab, enhance resistance, reduce morbidity and mortality.
  • Prompt growth of the beneficial algae.
  • Adjust the water quality.

Sodium Humate for Feed Additive

  • Increase disease resistance
  • Good effect on anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer
  • Modify quality of meat,increase yield of meat(eggs.milk)
  • Reduce fatten term of livestock
  • Provide an obvious medical effect on internal secretion function

Sodium Humate for Industry

  • Petroleum drilling fluid decreasing and filtering agent
  • Boiler anti-scaling agent and water quality stabilizer
  • Cementing agent for pulverized coal shaping
  • Ceramic pug additive
  • Ore dressing agent

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