Amino Humic NPK

Total Humic Acid


Total Amino Acid


Organic Matter



12-3-3, 16-0-1, 12-0-1, 10-10-10, 5-5-5, 13-5-7, 12-8-10

Details about Amino Humic NPK

New-nutri Amino Humic NPK Compound Fertilizer is a new type of organic fertilizer, it’s efficient, green fertilizer, made from the plant source, using advanced production equipment, granulated under high temperature.

It provides organic matter, NPK, protein, micro elements, Ca and Mg to the plant, improves soil fertility, promotes root growth, hence increases the yield, as well as quality.


NPK Humic Acid Amino Acid Organic Matter Appearance
12-3-3 8% 10% 25% Black Granules
13-5-7 8% 5% 20% Brown Granules
12-8-10 6% 5% 15% Brown Granules
16-0-1 8% 10% 20% Black Granules
12-0-3 10% 8% 22% Black Granules


  1. Boost benefit microorganisms activity, strong roots development.
  2. Promote seed germination.
  3. Improve water holding capacity and aeration, prevent fertilizer drain.
  4. Improve soil structure, adjust soil PH value, increase fertilizer and nutrients uptake.
  5. Enhance crops resistance to fight against cold, drought, insects and lodging.

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