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Details about Black Urea

New-Nutri Black Urea is a granulated urea, coated in an organic complex of carbon and other biological stimulants that increase the microbial activity around the granule optimising nitrogen use efficiency.

How does Black Urea work?

Black Urea works by making small improvements to each leg of the nitrogen cycle. By using biological processes to stabilise nutrients in the soil, Nitrogen losses via volatilisation and leaching can be significantly reduced. This results in a significantly improved level of Nitrogen available for plant uptake, which ensures maximum plant performance, reduced environmental impact and improved cost effectiveness.


Nitrogen 20%~25%
Humic Acid 10%~15%
pH 9
Water Solubility 100%
Appearance Black Granules

Benefits of using Black Urea:

• Nitrogen availability is better controlled, maximising Nitrogen use efficiency

• Provides lower burn potential over traditional Urea sources

• Reduces potential Nitrogen losses via leaching and volatilisation

• Reduced environmental impact • High Analysis Nitrogen source

• Contains 21% Carbon, to assist in increasing soil microbial activity and nutrient availability

Application Information:

Black Urea should be applied to turf at a rate of 40 – 200kg/Ha (20 – 90kg of Elemental N). Selection of rate is usually dependent upon the length of time between applications.

This product is designed for use on high cut turf areas (greater than 12 mm).

Do not use on putting greens, low cut tees or bowling greens.

Apply to dry foliage and water soon after application with 2 – 6 mm of water.

Do not apply to cool season grasses when the temperature exceeds 30ºC

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