Fulvic Acid Liquid

Fulvic Acid


pH Value



Brown or Brownish Yellow Liquid

Details about Fulvic Acid Liquid

New-Nutri provides 5%~40% fulvic acid liquid, solutions are very compatible and stable over a broad range of pH (0.5-14) and can be mixed with any liquid fertilizer. It can be used as compound foliar fertilizer as well as the main carrier or additive for other liquid fertilizers. New-Nutri fulvic acid liquid is a very active plant growth promoter and has conspicuous protective and promoting effects during the whole process of plant growth.


  • Type A:
    Fulvic Acid 5%;  Humic Acid 10%;  K2O 3%;  pH 5;  Appearance: Black Brown Liquid.
  • Type B:
    Fulvic Acid 20%;  Amino Acid 5%;  Gibberellin 0.3~1‰;  pH 3~5;  Appearance: Black Brown thick liquid.
  • Type C:
    Can be customized according to customer requirements.
    Fulvic Acid + NPK + Ca + Mg + MicroElements + Other Plant Nutrients

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