Humic Acid Liquid

Total Humic Acid


Fulvic Acid




Organic Matter


Soluble in Water


pH Value



1L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 100, 1000L Tank, Flexitank, or according to customer requirements.

Details about Humic Acid Liquid

New-Nutri humic acid liquid is one of the main products in our organic fertilizers. It is completely water-soluble and rich in humic acid, fulvic acid and organic matter. It is perfectly combined with NPK. New-Nutri humic acid liquid is one of the customizable products that can be added chelating microelements or other plant nutrient in the production process according to customer requirements.


  • Eco-friendly, green, organic and non-toxic, and easy to use.
  • Stimulate plant enzyme, accelerate plant metabolism, regulate stoma openings, enhance crop drought resistance.
  • Improve root vigor, optimize soil structure, prevent N.P.K from leaching or locking up.
  • Enhance plant photosynthesis, promote plant balanced growth.
  • Reduce nutrient losses, increase the yield and quality of crop.


Foliar,spray or fertigate:Dilute at 1:300-500,apply 3-5 times at intervals of 20 days during the growing season.

Fertigation:Add it to irrigation water with the ratio of 25L/Ha,apply 2-3 times.


Please make small scale test when mixing with other fertilizers or pesticides before wide-spread application.

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