Green Seaweed Extract

Seaweed Polysaccharides




Organic Matter




Micro-elements Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, B






Details about Green Seaweed Extract

New-Nutri Green Seaweed Extract is made from ascophyllum nodosum by international advanced secondary cryogenic directional biological enzymolysis technology as well as membrane filtration and natural anti-corrosion technology. It’s rich in natural active substances of seaweed which can be absorbed by plants, small molecule active oligosaccharides, natural free amino acids, phenolic polycompounds, mannitol, glycine betaine, vitamin, natural minerals, and natural plant growth regulator. At present, New-Nutri green seaweed extract is recognized as an ideal tool for pollution-free, green, and organic food.


Appearance Green Powder or Tiny Granules
Oder Smell of Seaweed
Water Solubility 100%
Moisture 3%
PH 7
Organic Matter 25%
Seaweed Polysaccharides 40%
Alginate 30%
Mannitol 3%
Amino Acid 3%
Betaine 200ppm
Nitrogen 1%
K2O 18%
Micro-elements Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, B ) 2%
Indoleacetic Acid 200ppm
Cytokinin 400ppm
Gibberellin 500ppm


  • Natural seaweed extract contains very rich nutrient
  • Help plants build strong roots, and promote the uptake and use of soil nutrients and water by plants
  • Enhance the vascular cells of plant stems and speed up the transport of water, nutrients and photosynthesis
  • Promote plant cell division and retarded cell senescence
  • Increase the chlorophyll content of plants, effectively improve the efficiency of photosynthesis, increase the yield and improve the quality
  • Enhance crop drought resistance, cold resistance, insect resistance and other kinds of resilience
  • Improve soil structure and keep the moisture of soil


  1. New-Nutri green seaweed extract can be used as the main carrier or additive of various fertilizers
  2. Direct use for irrigation, leaf spraying and drip irrigation
  3. Can be used as feed additive of husbandry and aquaculture


Foliar spraying: dilute by 1000-1500 times, 200-300g/ha, stir evenly spray

Root irrigation and drip irrigation: diluted by 1000-3000 times, 3-7.5kg/ha

Seed mixing: 0.5g/ kg seeds;

Seed soaking: diluted by 600-800 times;

Feed additives: the general additive amount is 30-100 kg/ton;

Aquaculture: 15-30kg per Ha, about 40-80g/m³


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