Magnesium Humate

Humic Acid


Citric soluble Magnesium


Water soluble Magnesium



Black Powder/Granules/Ball

Details about Magnesium Humate

New-Nutri Magnesium Humate is a highly effective soil regulator. As a base fertilizer, it is effective for soils deficient in magnesium and plants in need of magnesium. Magnesium humate, like most humic acid fertilizers, regulates soil PH and soil structure, increasing the efficiency of nutrient uptake by plants.


Rank 1 2
Humic Acid 40% min 50% min
Citric soluble magnesium(MgO) 7%~10% 6%~9%
Water soluble magnesium(MgO) 3%~5% 2%~4%
Appearance Black Powder/Granules/Ball


For Soil:

  • Enhance Ion Exchange & Water Holding Capacity Of Soil
  • Improve Microbe Activity Of Soil

For Plant:

  • Provide plants with magnesium
  • Improve Nutrient Uptake Through Leaves
  • Promote Root Development
  • Reinforce Photosynthesis
  • Stimulate Plant Growth


  • paddy rice: 30 – 40 kg/10 a,
  • field crops: 40 – 80 kg/10 a,
  • orchard trees/tea shrubs: 40 – 80 kg/10 a (also effective for applying to holes dug for planting)
  • raising seedlings: around 1% to be mixed with compost
  • As a basic fertilizer, the above reference amount should be applied. Note that the amount may be increased or decreased depending on regional and soil conditions.

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