Potassium Fulvate

Humic Acid


Fulvic Acid

10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 50%



Water Solubility





Black Shiny Flakes / Fine Powder

Details about Potassium Fulvate

New-nutri Potassium Fulvate is made from 100% mineral resources, include leonardite and lignite, it’s one type of potassium humate.  It contains a higher proportion of fulvic acid, which is the core component of soil humus with the best composition. It is a small molecular weight organic aromatic family material produced by decomposition and redecomposition of organic matter, the best humic acid component in soil, and the core material forming soil aggregate structure.
Since New-nutri Potassium Fulvate can be soluble in both acidic and alkaline liquids, it can be used with most of chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers.


Rank Humic Acid

(Dry Basis)

Fulvic Acid

(Dry Basis)

K2O Water Solubility PH Appearance
1 65% 10% 8%-12% 100% 8-10 Black Shiny Flakes / Fine Powder
2 65% 15% 10%-12% 100% 8-10
3 60% 20% 10%-12% 100% 8-10
4 50% 30% 10%-12% 100% 8-10
5 50% 50% 10%-12% 100% 8-10


  1. Instantly soluble, can be used together with NPK fertilizers and micro elements fertilizers.
  2. Anti hard-water
  3. Deflocculation
  4. New-nutri potassium fulvate improves the soil structure and soil cushioning. In loose, sandy soil, humic acid and fulvic acid can improve the cation exchange energy to maintain soil water and nutrients, promote the root system to absorb nutrients. In caking, viscous soils, humic acid as well as fulvic acid acts with fungi to form aggregates that help absorb dissolved oxygen and nutrients in water and improve root permeability.
  5. Improving fertilizer effect and hold moisture for both acid and alkaline soil.
  6. Protect groundwater by reducing harmful nitrates that can seep into it. Humic acid and fulvic acid fix the nitrate in the root zone, thus protecting the drinking water underground.
  7. New-nutri Potassium Fulvate is the perfect additive for Urea, DAP and MOP, fix the nitrogen and improve the effect of nitrogen.


  • Plastic Woven Bag 20 or 25KG, Kraft Paper Bag 20 or 25KG.
  • According to the requirement of customer.




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