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How to feed plant the exact nutrients

Every good gardener knows to feed their plants with well-balanced applications and plant food and compost when they need it.
However, experienced gardeners learn the exact nutrients needed at any stage of growth, for health, beauty, and even tastiness. Further, they can pick up on what plants need through various signs and indicators, diagnosing illnesses, pest issues, and nutrient deficiencies.
Appearance, discoloration, and other symptoms each send a message about vegetation health and how it can be balanced by the use of nutrients, which is not unlike managing our own health in some ways.

The following are excellent symptoms to use in looking for certain nutrient deficiencies.
♦ Yellowed leaves (old growth) – Indicates a nitrogen deficiency.
♦ Yellow-edged leaves (old growth) – Indicates a magnesium deficiency.
♦ Warped, misshaped new leaves – Reveals a calcium deficiency.
♦ Purple/reddish leaves – Lack of phosphorus.
♦ Deformed fruits – Typically due to potassium, though nitrogen excess can contribute.
♦ Blossom end rot (tomatoes) – Widespread cause is from lack of calcium.
♦ No flowering/dropped flowers – Can point to lack of phosphorus.
♦ Light green foliage (rather than dark green) – An “anemic” appearance could be nitrogen deficiency.
♦ “Burnt” leaf-tip appearance – Points to depletion of phosphorus.
♦ Abnormally dark green old foliage – Another sign of not enough phosphorus.
♦ Dark black or scorched leaf appearance – Potassium deficiency.
♦ Wilted old growth – Potassium deficiency.
How to save your plants if they are suffering from these issues below? New-Nutri provides you with all kinds of nutrient fertilizers for your plants such as Humic Acid, Potassium Humate, Amino Acid, Fulvic Acid, Seaweed Extract, there are also some related micronutrients products like Amino Acid Chelated Microelements, Humic Amino Compound Fertilizer.
To be an excellent gardener, using them is completely necessary, an absolute requirement in a good number of instances.

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