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Mistakes of Using Foliar Fertilizers

A. “Spray as long as it can be dissolved”, It’s wrong!
Sometimes, the farmers prefer using kinds of foliar fertilizers together when spray, because they think the the effect will be better with more kinds of whatever fertilizers as long as they can be dissolved.
Actually, it’s wrong. If using highly volatile fertilizers as foliar fertilizers, such as ammonia, ammonium bicarbonate, spraying after high temperature will cause damage to crops, burning leaves, so they can not be used as foliar fertilizer.
Moreover, many micronutrient fertilizers cannot be mixed with pesticides for spraying either acid and alkaline fertilizers cannot be mixed. Therefore, we need to be targeted when using fertilizers for foliar spraying, correctly mixing and using different fertilizers and pesticides. Focus on multiple effects of one time foliar spraying.
There are many perfect water-soluble fertilizers on New-Nutri’s products list, such as Potassium HumateCompound Amino Acid and Seaweed Extract. All of them are very good for foliar fertilization with different effect for crops, however, you should take care of mixing them with other foliar fertilizers or pesticides. If there is any technical problem, please check the website with more information or contact us.
B. “Higher spray concentration is better” It’s wrong!
Some farmers believe that the higher concentration of the foliar fertilizer will be better. It’s wrong. For example, high-nitrogen soluble fertilizer should only be less than 1%, potassium phosphate should only be less than 1%, more medium, trace element fertilizers such as sugar alcohol calcium fertilizer, sugar alcohol calcium boric fertilizer, sugar alcohol zinc, chelated iron, chelated copper, etc. should only be controlled at 0.2% or less. Usually, the crops won’t get too many nutrients when spraying with high concentration liquid, instead, the crops will be dehydrated and withered. That’s also the reason for cost rising and fertilizer wasting.
C. “Spray whenever”, It’s wrong!
Some farmers can’t catch the critical spraying time for the crops because they think they can spray whenever and never care about the stage of plant growth. That’s wrong.
First, when spray fertilizers for your crops, it’s preferably on a calm, overcast or sunny morning, after the dew has dried.You should avoid the hot sun and high temperature, the effect will be better in the morning and evening. Different plants have different growth stages, and the interval time and frequency of leaf fertilization are different. Also, crops need different fertilizers for each stage of growth.

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