Amino Acid TE

Amino Acid




Trace Elements


Water Soluble


Details about Amino Acid TE

New-Nutri amino acid chelate trace elements, transforming inorganic elements into organic elements.Trace elements (copper, iron, zinc, manganese, boron, magnesium) are fundamental to the cultivation of plants and the reduction of adverse effects related to diseases, climate, and the environment.Trace elements are also involved in the major metabolic processes of all plants through different pathways, such as chlorophyll formation, photosynthesis, flowers, fruit setting and ripening. New-Nutri amino acid chelate trace elements can be absorbed quickly, has no residue, regulates soil structure, promotes plant production.


 Rank Amino Acid Trace Element Water-Solubility Moisture Appearance
1 ≥25% Fe+Zn+Mn+B+Mg+Cu ≥10% 100% ≤5 Brown Powder
2 ≥25% Ca≥10% Light Yellow Powder
3 ≥25% Mg≥10% Light Yellow Powder
4 ≥25% Fe≥10% Brown Powder
5 ≥25% Zn≥10% Light Yellow Powder
6 ≥25% Cu≥10% Blue Powder


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