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The nutrition a fruit tree needs throughout its life

When choosing fertilizers, people always ask, what kind of nutrition do my fruit trees need? Most fruit trees need almost the same nutrients, just be aware that they need different nutrients at different times.

1. Prepare the soil

Before planting fruit trees, we should prepare the soil first. Considering the acceptability of young plants, it is best to use organic fertilizer, apply base fertilizer by embedding it in the soil, and supplement it with some slow-release fertilizer.

Recommended Products: Humic acid powder/granule, Amino humic NPK

2. Young fruit tree

Nutrition needed: mainly nitrogen, assisted by phosphorus and potassium.

Fertilization purpose: Enlarge the crown and root system to lay the foundation for flowering and fruiting.

Recommended Products: Amino acid, Potassium humate, Seaweed extract.

3. At the beginning of fruiting

Nutrition needed: mainly phosphorus, assisted by nitrogen and potassium.

Fertilization purpose: Promote flower bud differentiation, strong flower bud, strengthen the tree crown, keep the fruits, and strong the fruits.

Recommended Products: Diammonium phosphate, superphosphate, or potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

4. In full fruit period

Nutrition needed: Combined use of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, especially potassium demand is large.

Fertilization purpose: Reasonable fertilization to ensure continuous high yield and stable yield.

Recommended Products: Potassium humate, Fulvic acid, Seaweed extract.

5. In the old age

Nutrition needed: mainly nitrogen, assisted by phosphorus and potassium.

Fertilization purpose: Renew and rejuvenate, prolong the fruiting period

Recommended Products: Amino acid, Potassium humate, Seaweed extract.

6. It is worth noting that, in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers and organic fertilizer, sometimes some fruit trees also need to add some trace elements, this is because the organic matter in the soil in some areas is inherently less, easy to make fruit trees lack trace elements, need to be added to ensure the quality and quantity of fruit.

Recommended Products: Amino acid chelated trace elements, Seaweed extract.

The importance of fertilizing fruit trees:

Let the tree recover in time, and there will be sufficient nutrient accumulation in winter to improve cold resistance

After nutrition is supplemented, it can promote good flower bud differentiation, lay the foundation for increasing the fruit setting rate in the next year, and lay the foundation for the spring shoots to germinate next year.

The application of fruit fertilizer can prevent leaves from falling in winter, prolong the life of the leaves, which is beneficial to the preservation of flowers and fruits in the next year, and reserves nutrients for the next year’s flowering and fruiting, and prevents biennial bearing of fruits.

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