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What crops are New-Nutri fertilizers suitable for?

“I have 10,000 square meters of cotton and potatoes. What kind of New-Nutri fertilizer should I choose?”
I usually get this kind of question when trying to understand the needs of a new customer, my answer is, that all of our fertilizers suitable for all of your plants. My reasons are as follows:

Organic fertilizers are designed to provide nutrients suitable for all crops

Different from chemical fertilizers, Organic fertilizer is suitable for long-term and large-scale use, it does not have a large amount of NPK content, so the long-term application will not cause the excess of a large number of some elements, but will only make the soil rich.

How to rich the soil: Organic fertilizer can promote the growth of soil microorganisms. Organic fertilizer contains a large amount of organic matter and is the best place for the growth and reproduction of various microorganisms. Organic matter in organic fertilizer can also produce various phenols, vitamins, enzymes, auxin, and hormone-like substances in the process of ripening, promoting crop root growth and absorption of nutrients.

Organic fertilizer is a necessary supplement to inorganic fertilizer

Inorganic fertilizers are characterized by high nutrient content, a fast fertilizer effect, but short duration, and some nutrients will be fixed by the soil, the long-term application will destroy the soil structure and pollute the environment.

Organic fertilizer refers to carbonaceous materials mainly derived from plants or animals and applied to soil to provide nutrients for plants, improve the use efficiency of nutrients, naturally remediate harmful substances -such as heavy metals, salinization, and agrochemicals-while restoring the microbial diversity of the topsoil.

The mixed application of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer can complement each other, inorganic nutrients can promote the mineralization of organic matter, and organic matter can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, to meet the needs of nutrients for each growing period of crops.

2 thoughts on “What crops are New-Nutri fertilizers suitable for?”

  1. Hai, I’m melon farming in Indonesia

    New nutri can be applied for melon farming?, how can I apply for vegetative and generative stages?


    1. Dear Amir,
      Of course, many of our fertilizers can be used in melon farming, such as seaweed extract, potassium humate, and amino acid fertilizer. please email us and we will get back to you with more information.

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