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Advantages of Liquid Fertilizers

1:Low cost without pollution.
Factories can save some equipment and devices for solid fertilizer production, such as spraying, granulation, drying and other equipment and devices, and there is no dust and smoke in the production process, which will not cause environmental pollution and harm human health.

2:High efficiency and easy absorption.
Solid fertilizer generally can only be absorbed by crops about 30%, and liquid fertilizer can be absorbed by crops more than 80%, its utilization rate is significantly improved.In addition, solid fertilizers must be dissolved into liquid when they are absorbed by crops, while liquid fertilizers can be directly absorbed by crops, increasing the absorption rate.

3:Uniform mixing.
Compared with solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers are more uniform, and any drop of well-mixed solution contains exactly the same active ingredients.And they are easy to apply with pesticide, herbicide, insecticide and so on.

4:Free to adjust the formula
Special fertilizers are often prepared for different soils and crops. The process for producing a unique formulation of solid fertilizers is much more complex than that for liquid fertilizers. But when producing liquid fertilizer, it is more convenient to adjust. 
But the cost of small packings for liquid fertilizers is very expensive,the original cost advantage of liquid fertilizer no longer exists.At the same time, the transportation cost of liquid fertilizer is higher.

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