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How are the fruit trees suffocated?

In the daily management of orchards, most people will pay more attention to the management of the ground, and ignore the management of the underground, especially the management of the soil. However, many root diseases and even deaths of fruit trees are caused by soil problems. If the soil has poor air permeability, the fruit trees cannot breathe freely, and they are “suffocated”. Today let us focus on the problem of soil compaction and try to find the solutions.

Soil compaction is mainly caused by the following factors:
1. Quite insufficient organic fertilizer.
Insufficient organic matter content in the soil, and long-term single application of chemical fertilizers, make the soil structure worse, affect the activity of microorganisms, and thus affect the formation of soil aggregate structure, resulting in soil acidity or alkalinity is too large or too small, resulting in soil compaction.
2. Accumulation of harmful substances.
Groundwater and industrial wastewater in some areas have high levels of toxic substances. Long-term use of such water sources to irrigate the land causes excessive accumulation of toxic substances and causes surface soil compaction.

3. Input of plastic products.
If the plastic film and plastic bags are not cleaned, they cannot be completely decomposed in the soil, and harmful lumps will be formed, resulting in soil compaction.
4. Improper farming measures have resulted in the destruction of the upper soil structure.
Due to the effects of mechanical tillage, the soil aggregate structure was destroyed. However, only part of the fertilizer applied to the soil is absorbed by the crops of the season, and the rest is fixed by the soil, forming a large amount of acid salt deposits, resulting in soil compaction.
5. Soil and water loss caused by wind-sand disaster and heavy rain.
The small soil particles in the topsoil layer are taken away after encountering wind-sand disaster and heavy rain, which destroys the soil structure and causes soil compaction.
I believe everyone already knows that soil compaction is very detrimental to plant root growth and will directly affect the income of fruit farmers.

So How to scientifically improve the air permeability of the orchard soil? Here we summarized three methods.

1. The purpose of irrigation is to pour roots, not to soil. Most farmers adopt the method of flood irrigation in orchard irrigation. In fact, this irrigation method is a major cause of poor soil air permeability in orchards. The death of peach trees and cherry trees is related to unreasonable irrigation methods.
The correct irrigation method should be furrow irrigation, which is to dig a ditch with a depth of 15-20 cm along the side of the tree for irrigation. This method not only saves water resources, but also requires less investment from farmers. More importantly, the irrigation effect is good, because the water is directly poured into the root absorption area of ​​fruit trees below 20 cm, which avoids the phenomenon of root suffocation due to hypoxia.

2. In the rainy season, pay attention to the drainage work of the rain consequence garden. Poor soil air permeability in orchards has a great relationship with accumulated water, and this is also a problem that many farmers are particularly likely to overlook in their daily orchard management. Many farmers do not go to the orchard during the rain. When they go to check after the rain, the root system of the fruit tree has been soaked for a long time, and problems such as poor breathing of the fruit tree have appeared. Therefore, it is necessary for fruit farmers to adopt furrow irrigation when irrigating in orchards, because the furrows opened by irrigation can also help drainage.
3. In addition to water control and farming, in the management of orchards, fruit farmers also need to pay attention to the application of organic fertilizers and bacterial fertilizers. Application of organic fertilizers and bacterial fertilizers can not only enhance soil fertility and soil activity, but also enable various elements in the soil to be released. In addition, after the soil microorganisms are activated, the structure of the soil changes, and the soil becomes loose. Once the soil is loose, the air permeability and the ability to retain water and fertilizer will also increase.
The above is about the reasons why the fruit trees are suffocated. Improving soil air permeability is the best solution.

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