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Egypt Sahara Agriculture Exhibition – 2023

On September 2023, our company attended the SAHARA Agricultural Exhibition in Egypt. We had our own booth and met many potential customers, some of whom were old friends.

The exhibition featured a wide range of agricultural products and services, including fertilizers. Our booth featured our latest line of organic fertilizers – humic acid, potassium humate, fulvic acid, seaweed extract, amino acid organic fertilizer, etc. We also demonstrated how these fertilizers could be applied in a more targeted and efficient manner, which would help to increase crop yields while reducing waste.

We met with many interested parties at the exhibition, and we were pleased to hear about the positive results that our fertilizers had achieved for previous customers. We also had the opportunity to catch up with old friends and colleagues, and we exchanged valuable insights into the latest developments in the agricultural industry.

Overall, the exhibition was an experience for our company. We gained valuable information about the latest trends in agricultural fertilizer technology, and we were able to connect with many new potential customers. We look forward to using this knowledge to improve our products and services for future exhibitions.

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