Sodium Humate

Total Humic Acid

50%, 65%, 70%

Water Solubility

85%, 92%, 100%


Black Powder, Granules, Shiny Flakes

pH Value



25KG Plastic Woven Bag or Custom Packaging

Details about Sodium Humate

New-Nutri Sodium Humate is a kind of humate formed by a neutralization reaction between high-quality humic acid raw materials and sodium hydroxide. New-Nutri Sodium Humate has been modified by molecular fusion technology and niche principle to reduce its adhesiveness in water, increase the number of exposed active functional groups, improve its dispersion in water and improve the service efficiency.


Type Humic Acid Fulvic Acid Appearance Water Solubility PH
1 40%-50% Powder/


80%-85% 9-11
2 50%-60% Powder/



95%-100% 9-11
3 60%-65% Powder/



95%-100% 9-11
4 70%-75% Flake/


100% 9-11
5 60%-75% 15% Flake/


100% 9-11


  • Sodium Humate For Aquaculture
  1. Improve the survival rate of fish, shrimp and crab seedlings.
  2. Prevent and treat aquaculture diseases.
  3. Improve the feed utilization rate of aquaculture.
  4. Promote the growth of fish, shrimp, crab, enhance resistance, reduce morbidity and mortality.
  5. Prompt growth of the beneficial algae.
  6. Adjust the water quality.
15 ~ 30kg per ha (The depth of water 1M)
Use once every 15 days

  • Sodium Humate For Feed Additive
  1. Increase disease resistance
  2. Good effect on anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer
  3. Modify quality of meat,increase yield of meat(eggs.milk)
  4. Reduce fatten term of livestock
  5. Provide an obvious medical effect on internal secretion function
2 ~ 5kg per Ton feedstuff
Non-toxic for long-term use

  • Sodium Humate For Industry
  1. Petroleum drilling fluid decreasing and filtering agent
  2. Boiler anti-scaling agent and water quality stabilizer
  3. Cementing agent for pulverized coal shaping
  4. Ceramic pug additive
  5. Ore dressing agent

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