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Tips for choosing different kinds of compound amino acids for Agriculture

Compound amino acid powder is a water-soluble organic fertilizer, which not only can be used as raw materials for foliar fertilizer but also can be applied on the crops as a water-soluble foliar fertilizer, ground fertilizer, and basic fertilizer. There are two sources, one is from animal fur, the other is from soybean.

Tips for choosing different kinds of compound amino acid powder.

1. Advantage of animal source compound amino acid powder:

Quick returns,Lower cost compared with vegetable/plant source compound amino acid.


we can use different source of compound amino acid powder during different period of crops.


2. Advantage of hydrolysis compound amino acid:

It contains high free amino acid. Free amino acids are the smallest molecules of proteins that can cross the cell wall and are taken up directly by plants without photosynthesis. It’s perfect for foliar fertilizer,lower cost compared with enzymolysis amino acid.


Hydrolysis compound amino acid is mostly used in crop plant.Existing in the form of Free amino acid,small molecular weight(150),which can be easily and directly absorbed by plant)

Enzymolysis compound amino acid is mostly used in feed additive and soilless cultivation.Existing in the form of polypeptide and small peptide,which has big molecular weight(2000)


3. CL-Free compound amino acidis much more expensive than products which contains Chlorine


We choose CL-free compound amino acid powder or not as per crops itself is sensitive in CL(Chlorine).

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