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Micronutrients for your plants and soil

We all know the nutrients — nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur — that are important to plant health. We call them macronutrients. But there’s a whole list of plant micronutrients that are also key, in much smaller quantities, to the health of your plants. These micronutrients — boron, iron, zinc and others — not only assure healthy growth, they help your gardens fight off pests and diseases. 
There are some related micronutrients products in New-nutri: Amino Acid Chelated Microelements, Seaweed Extract, Humic Amino Compound Fertilizer and Fulvic Acid.

The best long term way to keep your garden soil rich with the micronutrients it needs is by adding organic compost. The living things that go into compost — grass clippings, leaves, plants trimmings, table scraps — already contain various amounts of micronutrients. Their presence in your compost guarantees that you’re returning those micronutrients to the soil. In the meanwhile, New-nutri Organic Fertilizers and your compost can be used at the same time to get a higher efficient process.
But what if you can tell, because of yellow leaves or other signs of weakness (or from you extension services soil test), that your soil is deficient in micronutrients? Your plants are well on their way and it’s too late to effectively amend the soil. What can be done to give them a quick boost full of the micronutrients they need?
The answer is foliar sprays. Plants are capable of taking in nourishment through their leaves as well as their roots. Foliar sprays work quickly to give your plants the micronutrients they need, and maybe just in time. Amino Acid Chelated Microelement, Seaweed Extract, Super Potassium Humate and Fulvic Acid all are great organic Foliar Fertilizer. Some products are designed to give you just the specific micronutrients — say, iron, Amino Acid Chelated Fe — that you need. But New-Nutri Organic Fertilizers give you a range.
Spraying amino acid fertilizer, seaweed extract and humic acid fertilizer is also generally a good idea once plants are established. By increasing your plants overall health, you help it fend off disease and insect pests. Just as nutritionists suggest humans supplement zinc to keep the immune system up, a boost of micronutrients for your plants, including zinc, will increase their strength and resistance. New-nutri Amino Acid Fertilizer and Seaweed Extract also contain protein and enzymes that lead to vigorous growth and increased yields.
The seven micronutrients make up less than 1% of the dry weight of most plants. But they are crucial to your garden’s well-being. If you have access to detailed soil testing — most of the seven nutrients are included in the standard soil test offered by extension services — and know what micronutrients your soil lacks, then it’s wise to supplement your soil before planting with organic amendments such as gypsum to increase sulfur levels or borax to increase boron. But if you’re well into the season and you’re seeing yellow leaves or other signs of plant distress, then, by all means, give them a spray of amino acid chelated microelements or seaweed extract.

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