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The Advantages of Sodium Humate Used in Aquaculture

New-Nutri sodium humate is a natural advanced water quality improver, which is derived from a super-active leonardite source. In their soluble form, it has the function of ion exchange, chelating, adsorption, decentralization, flocculation, decentralization, and adhesive bonding, so they can be widely used in a great number of field.

New-Nutri sodium humate uses the principle of niche and is modified by molecular fusion technology, which reduces the glue-linkage in water, increases the number of exposed active functional groups, and improves the dispersibility and efficacy in water.

New-Nutri sodium humate has a positive effect on water, fish, and shrimp. They are non-toxic, have no side effects, and have no residue for long-term feeding. It is an ideal product for aquaculture.

What are the main advantages of sodium humate used in aquaculture?

  1. Strong detoxification: Aquaculture use of sodium humate has a large number of active functional groups, which can effectively absorb the suspended organic matter and sediment in the water, make it sink to the bottom, and improve the transparency of the water; at the same time, it can effectively passivate the free heavy metals in the water to make it unable to be absorbed by fish and shrimp. Sodium humate granules in the bottom can absorb part of the NH3 and the H2Senvironment to remove the odor of the bottom mud and environmental pollution.
  2. Nutrition and water management. Aquaculture uses sodium humate is rich in algae mitogens, and promotes growth factors, Because its rich fulvic acid is a good carbon source for the growth of beneficial microorganisms, it quickly promotes the growth and reproduction of bacterial flora and maintains a good bacterial phase.
  3. Long shading: Aquaculture uses Sodium humate to make the shading effect last for a long time, stabilizes the watercolor, balances the algae phase, and controls the transparency of the water body.
  4. Except for the water quality regulation, Aquaculture use sodium humate as a good feed additive, so it makes the animal itself healthier.

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