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What Are The Advantages Of Potassium Fulvate

Potassium fulvate is a kind of Potassium Humate with high-content fulvic acid, it can be used as soil conditioner, plant nutrient and plant regulator. Rich in 75% organic matter can greatly promote the growth and development of crops, protect flowers and fruits, enhance stress resistance, improve yield, improve quality!

Soil improvement
Potassium Fulvate will form a gelatinous substance in the soil, which can cement up the soil particles, increase the water-stable aggregates in the soil, coordinate the water, fertilizer, gas and heat conditions of the soil, and have a good effect on improving the poor soil, such as over-sand and over-viscosity, so as to improve the physical properties of the soil.
Potassium Fulvate contains many active genes and a large salt-base exchange capacity, which can make the soluble salt of the soil adsorb and retain a large amount of harmful cations, regulate the PH of the soil, to improve the chemistry of the soil.

Improve the effectiveness
Potassium Fulvate can adsorb and exchange many mineral elements in the soil, such as phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, the availability of these elements is greatly increased, thus improving the nutritional conditions of crops. It can play the role of synergist in chemical fertilizer and reduce the adverse effect of chemical fertilizer on soil.

Stimulate crop growth
Potassium Fulvate contains a variety of functional groups, which can stimulate the growth and development of crops and physiological metabolism, promote seed germination, and improve the emergence rate and seedling rate. It has a special promoting effect on the root development, which promotes the seedlings to develop roots quickly, secondary roots more, the root quantity increases, the root elongation, and the ability of the crops to absorb water and nutrients increases.

Enhance the disease resistance of crops
Potassium Fulvate can improve the content of soil organic matter, provide an excellent environment for beneficial microorganisms and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. In addition, because of the good soil conditions, plants grow strong and have stronger resistance to diseases, thus greatly reducing diseases, especially soil-borne diseases.

Increase crop stress resistance
Soil, moisture, nutrients, temperature, light, air and other factors constitute the growth conditions of plants. Potassium Fulvate plays a buffering role, reduces the adverse effects of crop growth, improves crop drought resistance and improves water saving ability by 30%.

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